My Story

Hello I’m Shana, 

A Mother, Abuelita, Wife and the Owner of Mystical Meanderings. 

Mystical Meanderings is a metaphysical mobile truck business near you. Follow my journey as I renovate a workhorse van into a calm, tranquil place where you can find an abundance of uplifting, healing, and transformational tools to bring joy to your life and your loved ones.

I come from many years in the corporate world having worked with some amazing people but was always seeking to discover my own spirituality & working to develop a deeper connection with universal energy.

On my journey of self-healing I endeavoured to learn about meditation, yoga, acupuncture, herbalism, silversmithing, beading & Reiki.

In 2017 I received my Master level in the Usui Reiki System of Natural Healing. Fulfilling my knowledge with physical, mental wellness, spiritual healing & finding how to love myself again.

Reiki is love, Love is wholeness, Wholeness is balance, Balance is well being, Well being is freedom from disease."

Dr. Mikao Usui, founder of Reiki

With my recent move to the Okanagan and struggling through COVID life like everyone else, I realized that I need to focus on helping and connecting with people again, witness transformation and be surrounded by peacefulness!

I knew opening up the mobile business would be the next step in my spiritual awakening. Through intentional and careful sourcing, I strive to bring in a variety of products to support you on your spiritual journey. With carefully hand selected arrays of crystals, tarot/oracle cards, books, journals, candles, smudges/incense & much more.

My goal at Mystical Meanderings is to provide a safe, peaceful space for people to discover tools for their own spiritual expansion, emotional wellness and healing.

 I will be meandering to a location near you and look forward to meeting you.

In the instance that you missed me, you can view and purchase almost any of the treasures online.

Until then ~ Namaste 🙏🏼

Keep taking time for yourself until you are you again.

Meet Mystical Meanderings