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Nepal Buddhist Antique Singing Bowl

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This beautiful minimalist piece is one of a kind. Also known as a dice bowl, this 11cm brass bowl has simple etched Tibetan mantras on the outside and the same in a diced form on the inside as well.

The bowl comes with a rosewood mallet along with a red and golden Tibetan silk ring cushion. The cushion is perfect for placing, storing the bowl. You can also use it while playing your bowls for ease and comfort.

Singing Bowl - Types/Material : Brass

Singing Bowl Size

  • Diameter : 11 cm


  • 500 gram
Striker size(inch)
  • Diameter: 2.3 cm
  • Length : 5 inch

Cushion size(inch) : 12 cm

Each piece is handcrafted, and varies naturally in shape, colour and weight.